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Michael Profunato, Voice Actor
How to Audition Like a Pro even if You suffer from stage fright or a bad memory  •
  • Opportunity on your doorstep: book hometown national commercials and get trained where you live 
  •  national Ford commercial $35,000-$50,000
     national grapenuts principal $41,000
I studied at Lee Strasberg in NYC and listening to you talk brought me right back. You are a gifted teacher and your passion and knowledge for the craft shine through. You explain the art better than either teacher I had. Gretchen R.

  • Crush the competition with know-how: ; audition at home and use the money to move toHollywood!!
"Watch and Learn in the Next 24 Hours!"
I just finished going through the relaxation exercise this morning and wanted to let you know how much it means to have that tool. opened my eyes, I smiled and told myself ‘what a blessing!’ I can feel the benefits all ready and I am truly grateful .. Michelle M.
Michael has a very insightful eye for reading copy and finding details and truths I hadn't noticed. In my time with him, he was able to see things in the script and then show them to me in a way I could understand.  Justin
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